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At Hyland House School we recognise that God, the Creator and Sustainer of the earth, and the entire universe, is the source of knowledge and wisdom. He created us in perfect humanity. As a result of sin, humans lost this original state. We believe that through Christian Education, with faith in Christ, we can be restored in the image of our Maker.

Through the educational programme offered at our school, our goal is to prepare children for effective citizenship on this earth and for rewarding citizenship in the new earth.

Hyland House School Gives Birth !!!

Hyland House School gives birth!

On Monday 24th April, Hyland house School were visited by the ‘Happy Chick Company’. They brought 14 eggs, an incubator and 2 brooders; along with the feed (Chick crumbs) and wood chip for the bedding.

After placing all the eggs in the incubator on Monday and monitoring them closely, our first baby chick hatched on Tuesday evening followed by 5 more during Tuesday night.

The children were amazed when returning to school on Wednesday morning, and were very excited and privileged to witness 2 more hatch right before their very eyes.

By lunch time on Wednesday we had 10 baby chicks chirping away in the incubator.

The Early Years unit together with years 1 &2 were able to prepare one of the brooder boxes, making sure that there was enough bedding, feed and water for the chicks and plugging in the heat lamp to keep them warm. While year’s 3 & 4 worked together with Years 5 & 6 to prepare the second brooder box. Both boxes were turned on an hour before the transferring process began.

24 hours after the first 6 chicks hatched, Ms Clarke and Mr Tencho transferred the chicks to the prepared brooders. After being transferred, the children noticed that they all huddled together under the lamp, and were very still, and quiet and seemed to fall asleep.

By Wednesday night 3 more chicks had hatched, and became very active really quickly. During Thursday the last little chick hatched full of energy and making a lot of noise.

While the children were taking notes for their chick diaries, they noticed that one of the chicks in the brooder box was very slow in its movement and all the other chicks were stepping all over him. After contacting the Chick Company we discovered that one of the chicks had a condition called ‘hook joint’. We were told to separate the chick from the others, so that they could not step and jump over him and he will be collected the following day.

Over the weekend, Mr Tencho and Mrs Lemonius kindly volunteered to take the chick’s home, where they cared for them, clearing out the brooders, feeding the chicks and playing with them over the bank holiday weekend.

On returning, the children enjoyed making a chicken run, for the chicks to run around in as they were growing bigger. Each day the children had an opportunity to hold the chicks, stroking them and watching them run around. One of the chicks managed to escape during circle time. A child from the Early Years mentioned ‘maybe he wants to learn his maths too’.

We thank ‘The Happy Chick Company’ for giving us this opportunity to watch the life cycle of a chick first hand. We look forward to next year.


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