The Lord is the Master of our school

Philosophy statement
At Hyland House School we recognise that God, the Creator and Sustainer of the earth, and the entire universe, is the source of knowledge and wisdom. He created us in perfect humanity. As a result of sin, humans lost this original state. We believe that through Christian Education, with faith in Christ, we can be restored in the image of our Maker.

Through the educational programme offered at our school, our goal is to prepare children for effective citizenship on this earth and for rewarding citizenship in the new earth.

What Students Say…

Quotes from past & present students


“When building any structure, the foundations determine how high the building can rise. Hyland House School has given me the best possible foundation to succeed to new heights. �����

Keeley Davis, BSc Biochemistry (past student)


���When I think back to my time at Hyland House School, many memories come to mind!

I can say without a doubt that Hyland House taught me the value of hard work and dedication while allowing me to make life-long friends and develop my relationship with Christ in a safe and caring environment! If Hyland house has taught me anything, it is that you should always have confidence in yourself. If you believe in yourself and believe that god has your best interest at heart, you can achieve anything you want in life!���

Rachael (past student)


�����Being a student at Hyland House has given me the foundations for my Christian and educational life. It has taught me the importance of having a relationship with God first and foremost, while also emphasising the value of hard work. Continuing to employ and develop those skills and values to this day, has led me into university and has shaped me into the person that I am. I feel lucky to have studied at Hyland House because I believe the knowledge and experience that I received there, I wouldn’t have received anywhere else.”

Jazzine (past student)


“My time at Hyland House was a wonderful experience, the school is like one big family with a welcoming spirit and a goal to strive for excellence. The teachers nurtured me both spiritually and academically, teaching me that there is no limit to my dreams and aspirations and this had made me into the young woman that I am today”

Aretha (past student)


After leaving Hyland House and entering secondary education, I noticed that Hyland House had equipped me with skills that had given me an educational advantage. I had skills that my peers had not been taught by their primary schools. Hyland House was like an extension of my family; a small school where everyone knew everyone and our school worked closely with the church. I felt comfortable speaking with the teachers about anything and everything. Hyland House taught me the importance of the seventh-day Adventist fundamentals.”

Jodie (past student)


“I love it at Hyland House because it is so different from my other school experience. At Hyland House they teach me better and I truly believe the ethos that ‘Through Jesus, I will always do my best!’ Every day is fun at Hyland House.”

Jerome (past student)


“When I first came to Hyland House in Year 4, I was really scared but all the children were really friendly and the teachers worked really hard with me. Now I’m really enjoying it and I’m sad to be leaving for secondary school. Hyland House has taught me to be responsible and to always do my best. I am a prefect and I will put all the things that I have learnt into practice when I start secondary school in September.”

Terrell (past student)



“I love being at Hyland House because we work hard and we work well together and we do our best and it is a friendly school”

Annabelle (past student)


“I think Hyland House has really helped me learn because I have progressed and had a lot of success over the eight years that I have been here. Each year I have learnt something new, all year, every year. all of my siblings have been educated at Hyland house and they all say the same.”

Jaheim (past student)


“Being at Hyland House is a very wonderful experience. The children and teachers are all really close with each other and we are all treated fairly and with love. The school is really encouraging and even when I don’t feel well, the thought of going to school, actually brightens and lightens me up!”

Jah’Ran (past student)


“I absolutely love Hyland House School. They educate us well and they educate us religiously too. They have taught me the importance of life. This school makes me do my very best and the teachers encourage us in everything. Hyland House is the MOST EXCELLENT school ever!”

Shemya (past student)


“I love it at Hyland House. I really appreciate the fact that the school pushes us to set high goals a lot more than my other school. The teachers stretch us to do our best academically, physically, mentally and spiritually. The teachers help us to be ready for our future ahead.”

Tarrun (past student)


“I have been at Hyland House for a year and a half and I can truly say that it has been a wonderful experience. The teachers have helped me with learning so much and I feel like they have made me a better person. The teachers are like family to me because they care for me and treat me with respect. I am now and I will always be a true Hyland House child!”

Rushane (past student)


“At Hyland House the teachers teach us to be independent enquirers; creative thinkers; reflective learner; effective participators; self-managers and successful team workers. This is one of our school ethos and we live it every day. I really love it at Hyland House, I really look forward to coming to school”

Tamara (past student)


“At school every morning we say, ‘Through Jesus I can show love, joy, kindness, perseverance and self-control!’ and every day we try our best to show these things. I got a certificate for showing perseverance. I really like being at Hyland House School.”

Cameron (present student)