The Lord is the Master of our school

Philosophy statement
At Hyland House School we recognise that God, the Creator and Sustainer of the earth, and the entire universe, is the source of knowledge and wisdom. He created us in perfect humanity. As a result of sin, humans lost this original state. We believe that through Christian Education, with faith in Christ, we can be restored in the image of our Maker.

Through the educational programme offered at our school, our goal is to prepare children for effective citizenship on this earth and for rewarding citizenship in the new earth.


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World Book Day 2019

Hyland House World book day, children came in very inspirational characters this year. Take a look!


Star Of the Week 2019

As an initiative to encourage our children to actively take control of their learning, we have introduced the star of the week trophy. We encourage our children to strive to achieve their personal best academically; develop praiseworthy characters, cultivate healthy emotional and social well-being and enjoy their educational experience. Let us continue to encourage our children!


Christmas Jumper day 2018

Hyland House School held a Christmas Jumper day Competition for the last day of term. The Children came out in style.

This years winners

Hyland House Community Football Club 1st Game

Hyland House Community Football Club Versus Newbold Wolves Friendly Football Match Parents and spectators alike watched a sensational football match where Hyland House Community Football Club played against Newbold Wolves.


Ministering At Stoke Newington SDA Church

Hyland House School were invited to take a programme at Stoke Newington Church. The Children presented with song, spoken word, mime and a play called 'The Son'. all were Blessed.


Hyland House School Presents... International Harvest 2018

Harvest had an international flavour at Hyland House School this year. Global theme, Authentic scenery, accents, clothes, dances and games. The gastronomical feast was enjoyed by all, while raising £347 to assist Stoke Newington Church in their community project of feeding the homeless.


Hyland House Bake Off 2018

On Tuesday 27th March 2018, Hyland House School had there very FIRST GREAT BIG BAKE OFF! The Infants were the first to partake, There were 3 teams making Bread, Biscuits, and fruity cupcakes with mint tea. All the children enjoyed their day.


Outside learning day BBQ!

While the Juniors were in France, The Infants decided to have an Outside Learning day, with a BBQ Lunch.


World Book Day 2018

Hyland House Children didn't let the snow stop them. They came out in all characters for World book day.


Junior Master Chef 2017!

After 10 weeks of cooking lessons, Our Juniors were able to partake in their very first Master Chef, held on the School site. The original date was 10th December 2017, but due to the weather conditions, it was postponed til Sunday 11th February 2018. Praise God we were able to complete and all enjoyed!


Harvest service 2017

Hyland House School raised £300 for Harvest


Early years International Day 2017

As part of Black History Month, the Early Years held an International Morning. It started with a great assembly followed by a Celebration of Culture with some Traditional Foods donated by the parents.


After School Activities

The Juniors welcomed the after school activities with open arms. Hyland House Juniors have been able to take part in extra activities this term, such as; Cooking, Drama, Football and Mime.


Education day at Lewisham SDA Church

Lewisham SDA Church invited Hyland House School to take part in their Education Day on Saturday 14th October 2017. The theme was 'Educating for Eternity'. The children took the whole days programme, including the sermon, children's story and the afternoon programme.


Writing to our French Penpals

Years 5 & 6 enjoyed writing letters to the Year 6 children at 'Paul Vaillant Couturier' school in Paris.


2017 Graduation

We celebrate another fantastic year, and we wish everyone all the best in the coming academic year.


Chapel Porth - Home time

Year 5 & 6 enjoyed a fantastic week in Cornwall for their residential trip.


chapel Porth - Part 5

Year 5 & 6 residential trip to Cornwall - BBQ, Bonfire and Birthday Celebrations


Chapel Porth - Part 4

Yr 5&6 Residential trip to Cornwall- Beach time


Chapel Porth - Part 3

Year 5 & 6 Residential trip in Cornwall - A trip to The Eden Project


Chapel Porth - Part 2

Years 5 & 6 continue to enjoy their residential trip in Chapel Porth - Swimming and Horse riding


Chapel Porth 2017 -- PART 1

Years 5 & 6 Residential trip to Chapel Porth, Cornwall


Hyland House Tropical Fete 2017

Another successful Summer fete. Thank you to all the Parents and Teachers and of course the children for making it a great success. We can't wait for next year!!!


Year 3&4 View the History!

To reinforce our science topic:' living things and their Habitats, Year 3 & 4 visited the Natural History museum, and took part in the interactive variety Show.


Empty Classroom Day 2017

This is a day to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. On Thursday 18 May 2017, thousands of schools around the world also had lessons outside and prioritise playtime, Hyland House School was one of them. The children worked well having their lessons outside. They enjoyed lessons such as Literacy, Reading, Maths; History, Art and Design and Physical Education. Outdoor learning improves children’s health, engages them with learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. Luckily, the weather held back the rain until school was closed.


People who help us

Early Years learn about some of the people who help us. During Assembly they act out who they wish to be when they grow up.

People who help us assembly

Year 3 and 4 Crazy Creatures

Congratulations to our published authors. Some of the Years 3 & 4 super writers have been selected to have their stories published. We are so very proud of you.


Hyland House Gives Birth !!

On Monday 24th April, Hyland house School were visited by the ‘Happy Chick Company’. They brought 14 eggs, an incubator and 2 brooders; along with the feed (Chick crumbs) and wood chip for the bedding. We watched the Chicks hatch, gave them food and water. For 2 weeks, we played with them and looked after them.

Can I have water please?

Early Years Presents Mother's Day Tea Party 2017!

The Early Years invited their mother's, aunties, grandmothers and Godmothers to their mothers day tea party, stay and play.

Great job!

Red nose day 2017

Red Nose Day unites the entire nation in trying to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people across Africa and the UK who are facing terrible injustice or living in desperate poverty.

Early years

KidZania 2017

Hyland House School attended KidZania on Thursday 9th March as part of the International Woman's Day. The children were able to take part in a real life role play in over 60 activities, from Pilot training, Cabin crew, Firefighters, Fashion stylist, surgery team News reporters and many more.

dancer poster

World book Day 2017

Hyland House enjoys yet another World Book Day in style. Can you identify the characters?

Year Five

Prom 2016

Graduating Class of 2016 really enjoyed their Prom.

Class of 2016

Father's Day 2016 with the Early Years!

The Early Years Children decided to invite their Dads, Grandad's and Uncles for a Father's Day Stay and Play Breakfast. They presented cards and certificates and expressed their love and thanks.


Balance bike training day

Early Years and Year One had the opportunity to practice their balancing on bikes this week with Cycling Instructor Ltd. The children learnt how to: * Pick up and sit on bikes without falling off, * Stride along on the bike in a small group at same speed. * control the bike and weave around objects, cones. And * How to stop safely.

Nursery listening to the instructions carefully.

School Fete 2016

Come and Join Us on Sunday 26th June 2016, For Our Hyland House School Fun filled Summer Fete. This Year our Theme is RIO 2016. Looking forward to seeing you all there

school fete.jpg

Hyland House does Britain's Biggest Breakfast!

Hyland House came together with parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. Together we raised £300.00, Thank you to all who attended and donated, TOGETHER WE CAN BEAT CANCER!


World Book Day 2016

Hyland House children enjoy world book day in style. Can you guess some of their Characters?

Year 2 in style.jpg

Roehampton Students

Hyland House School is a training school for BA(Ed) and PGCE students at Roehampton University. Roehampton send students for 6/12 week placement at Hyland House to learn and observe outstanding teaching.