The Lord is the Master of our school

Philosophy statement
At Hyland House School we recognise that God, the Creator and Sustainer of the earth, and the entire universe, is the source of knowledge and wisdom. He created us in perfect humanity. As a result of sin, humans lost this original state. We believe that through Christian Education, with faith in Christ, we can be restored in the image of our Maker.

Through the educational programme offered at our school, our goal is to prepare children for effective citizenship on this earth and for rewarding citizenship in the new earth.

Curriculum Maps

At Hyland House School, we follow the National Curriculum and ensure that each child has access to a broad and balanced educational experience.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

At Hyland House School, we believe that all children have the right to feel happy and emotionally secure in their setting and having an overall well-being is key to their ability to learn and develop the skills that will ensure their school readiness by enabling them to be confident, independent learners. We achieve this through the seven areas of learning and development throughout the year.